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What Is the Average Time Spent On a Website? [+ How to Improve It]
HubSpot | Dec 22, 2021 (Update) Mar 2014 (Orig)

Average Time Spent on a Website
Average time spent on a website, like average time on page, is dependent on a range of factors. Industry, the type of website, and even the device that users are on impact this average.
For example, Statista calculated the 20 most popular websites worldwide as of June 2021, by time per visit. Users spent approximately 22 minutes and 44 seconds per visit on Google, the most popular website, and only .54 minutes on, the 20th most popular.

How to Improve Average Time Spent on a Website
Decrease load time.
Optimize your navigation.
Add internal links.
Improve the readability of your posts.
Add images and videos.
Optimize for all devices.
Use exit intent popups.

Author = Anna Fitzgerald


Time Management: Meetings & PTA-S

Time Management: Meetings & PTA-S
Yours Truly | November 2019


  • Purpose
  • Time
  • Agenda
  • Summary

Scrum Master prepares a PTA-S before each Meeting
PTA = presented in 5 minutes at the beginning of the Meeting
S = presented at the end of the Meeting, time-box to 5 minutes/hour

Summary = Notes taken by the Scrum Master during the Meeting, when Agenda Items are discussed. Makes sure everyone is on par with what was discussed and potentially shareable with non-participants.

If anything come up that is not in the Agenda, take note of it in a Parking, to be discussed afterward.

Source = Michael de la Maza in “Robust Scrum Master Training” (Udemy)