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Mobile Banking Case Study: Luxury Banking App UI / UX Design
UXDA | Undated (2019/2020??)

How to create luxury banking app UI / UX design

Step 1. Find heroes of your story
key user personas
Step 2. Open your heart to users’ feelings
Empathy Map
Step 3. Create a map of banking app user journey
Customer Journey Map (CJM)
Step 4. Fit the service conceptual model to users mental model
Information Architecture
Step 5. Transform user scenarios into user flows
Low Fidelity (LoFi) user flow maps
Step 6. Draw detailed blueprints of the future banking app
High Fidelity (HiFi) wireframes
Step 7. Catch visual mood that inspires
Light Bank interface
Step 8. Design the Key Concept that sets visual language
Key Design Concept
Step 9. Create proof of concept
Our goal was to prepare a concept of a visually stunning banking UX design displaying the implementation of the most important and basic user scenarios. A total amount of 30 screens were prepared and integrated into a clickable InVision prototype. Also, a motion design video was created specially for this digital banking case study.
Endless accounts
Useful details
Rich opportunities
Instant payments
Careful assistant
Attractive notifications
Customized appearance

Step 10. Create banking design system
Financial Design System

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