Scrum Master vs Project Manager: How are they different?

Article on roles & responsibilities of PM & SM.

Conclusion = Finally, it’s imperative that a Project Manager’s role is more of a Leadership role. While Scrum Master’s duties include more of facilitating and coaching role. With the advent of PMBOK 6th guide, the role of a Project Manager has become more diversified. A Project Manager’s approach is not only limited to the traditional waterfall as before. But now, he/she can apply incremental iterative models depending upon the scenario. An organization at an early stage of going agile may think – a Project Manager’s role can be transferred into Scrum Master – but it’s a myth. This is because both of these roles are far different in their respective responsibilities and approaches.

Author = Akit Rastogi (Grey Campus)

Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It.

A growing body of research is making it clear that learners are made, not born. Through the deliberate use of practice and dedicated strategies to improve our ability to learn, we can all develop expertise faster and more effectively. In short, we can all get better at getting better.

Here are three practical ways to build your learning skills, based on research.
Organize your goals
Think about thinking
Reflect on your learning

Author = Ulrich Boser

10 Tips For Creating Agile Personas

Personas are a powerful technique to describe the users and customers of a product in order to make the right product decisions.

  1. Get to Know the Users
  2. Keep your Personas Concise
  3. Distinguish User and Buyer Personas
  4. Choose a Primary Persona
  5. Make your Personas Believable
  6. Focus on the Main Benefit or Problem
  7. Connect Personas and User Stories
  8. Visualise your Personas
  9. Don’t Forget to Adjust Your Personas
  10. Recognise when Personas are not Appropriate

Author = Roman Pichler

A Simple Persona Template

Personas are a great way to capture our knowledge about the users and customers and their needs. But writing effective personas and providing enough but not too much information can be challenging. This blog post introduce a simple yet powerful template that helps you write great personas.

Author = Roman Pichler

PDF | Persona Template

Download Persona Template

Author = Roman Pichler