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Product Management — All about Metrics
Medium | Mar 02, 2022

Comparison between Facebook & Twitter and their use of Engagement & Growth Metrics

What makes a good metric?
(1) Strategic
(2) Understandable/Actionable/Relevant/Referenceable
(3) Rate or Ratio
(4) Correlation vs. Causation
(5) Changeable

Metric rollup
Counter metric
Exploratory vs Reporting Metrics

Methods to select your perfect metric
HEART = Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, Task (Kerry Rodden)
Across these dimensions, you will identify goals, signals, and metrics to measure how well your product is doing.
Goal = something the user is trying to do or something you are trying to help them to do
Signal = a change in user behavior that indicates that the user is achieving the goal
Metric = a way to measure signal and quantify how much user behavior has changed

Concludes with a walk you through an example for an imaginary product.

Author = Alaa MohyEldin

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