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Storyboards and How They Help in Product Definition
krasamo | Nov 23, 2020

Table of Content
Introduction to storyboards
What is a storyboard?
Who can use a storyboard?
Where can we use a storyboard?
When can we use a storyboard?
How do we create a storyboard?

Detailed User Stories: Detailed user stories consist of lengthy descriptions of a use case, with plenty of specifics and distinguishing information. These long user stories help design teams understand the environment and inputs that the user is subjected to while using the product. There are many questions that must be answered to develop a detailed user story. Following are just a few:

Who is the user?
What does the user need to do and why?
What is the user seeing?
What is the environment?
How does the user feel?
What is the journey through the product?
Short User Stories: Short user stories help determine what actions a user needs to perform. These stories consist of short sentences that answer three simple questions:

Who is performing the task?
What does the user need to do?
Why does the user need to accomplish this task?

For product managers, storyboards are beneficial for:

Defining a product
Visualizing different approaches to solving a specific problem
Identifying missing features or requirements
For marketing managers, storyboards are beneficial for:

Comparing experiences between competitors
Understanding the context and environment of a sale
Providing feedback about user research, user profiles, and personas
For technical leads and developers, storyboards can help identify aspects such as:

Response time a user is expecting for a specific process or input
Development constraints
Platform limitations
Technical needs
For UI/UX designers, storyboards are helpful for evaluating:

The overall experience of the case, time consumption, number of steps, etc.
The environment or context of the product’s usage
Platform and device standards
Possible side scenarios
Error prevention

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