Scrum FAQ

The article is a good read to go over basic Scrum concepts, as a refresher or to share with someone new to Scrum, to give them a quick idea.

There are answers the following questions:

What is Scrum?
Why do we need Scrum?
Why/how is Scrum better than “waterfall”?
Where did Scrum originate from?
Why work in “Sprints”?
What are the roles and responsibilities in a Scrum Team?
How might you use Scrum for maximum effect?
How do you estimate in Scrum?
How should the Product Owner organise the Product Backlog?
How do you get the best out of Scrum in terms of stories, acceptance criteria and testing?
How can Agile/Scrum make us more efficient, productive and engaged in teams?
What is the right approach for the “Definition of Done”?
How can I best help the team perform and improve?
How can I avoid being a blocker for others’ work?
How might Scrum work for research projects?
What is the difference between a time-box and a deadline?
Should the Development Team communicate with the Product Owner during the Sprint?
But how do we avoid unproductive interruptions?

Author = Neil Killick (Killick Agile Consulting)

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