What Are the Pros and Cons of Extreme Programming (XP)?

XP = Extreme programming = an agile methodology, considered one of the most effective in software development. It operates with a test-first development scheme. It has short-term planning, while being highly adaptive to changes of requirements, and consists of highly productive teams that produce quality software rapidly and effectively.

In extreme programming, the involvement of the customer is higher than in any other agile methodology. They are an active member of the team throughout the project life cycle.

The Extreme Programming Team
The customer
The tracker
The programmer
The tester
The coach

Principles of Extreme Programming
XP follows the agile principles. However, it has five key values: simplicity, communication, courage, respect, and feedback.

Pros of Extreme Programming
Reduces costs

Cons of Extreme Programming
Code overcomes design
Lack of documentation

Consider Extreme Programming for Your Team

Author = Elina Panayotova (Dreamix Ltd)


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