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What makes a good user experience for my mobile app?
Mopinion | 16 Feb 2017

Provide an efficient onboarding
Offer Assistance
Invest in usability
(…) to prevent your customers from leaving the app, you must adhere to certain rules:
Use a clear search bar at the top of the app that brings up search suggestions and search history
Organise and label the ‘menu’ category so that your customer can take a quick glance and see which category they need
With ecommerce apps, always make sure there are good filters for the products and services so that the customer can filter by price, color, size, etc.
Forms: Do you work with ordering funnels and long forms in your app? Nothing is more frustrating than having to fill in all of that information again because you missed a section. It is better to highlight the data that is filled in incorrectly or not filled in at all so that your customers will see right away what needs to be adjusted.
Assure Security And Trustworthiness
Don’t spam your users with notifications
Use customer feedback

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Author = Erin Gilliam Haije (Mopinion)

URL = https://mopinion.com/what-makes-a-good-user-experience-for-my-mobile-app/

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